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Consulting for Human Systems


Consulting is a one-on-one conversation aimed at gaining clarity, deepening insight, and creating a plan for oneself.  

The "Consultant" is a skilled listener and attentive observer that will ask questions to both clarify the issues and challenge you to create solutions unique to your context. 

Even though these conversations are one-on-one, the consultant will work with you to create a larger, systems view, of the issue. This perspective is much like a coach looking down on the field from a high position where he can see all the players at once.

Looking at the system from that wider view, the consultant will help you develop experiments you can then take back to the playing field, but this time with some clear thinking and a strategy. 

Consulting relationships usually begin with a phone call and a candid conversation that carries no obligation. 


The Leadership Course helps people discover opportunities to become mature leaders. The effort to increase personal responsibility is useful to both the individual and their teams.

Participants will learn a "relationship theory" they can use to effectively manage themselves under stress, and to gain a clear understanding of the system around them and how it works.

Participants will be guided to create experiments that are challenging, practical, and unique to them. These experiments will be worked on in between the sessions of the course, and any progress or obstacles will be discussed in the group. 

Each session will begin with a debrief of what people have been working on outside of the course, their experiments.

Throughout this course, participants will strengthen partnerships and become trusted council for one another. The course ends with a graduation where each participant presents on the outcome, or progress, of their effort. 

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The quality of our relationships determines the quality of our lives.

The November Institute is dedicated to helping human systems thrive through increasing the capacity of individuals within those system to adapt, especially under the tensions that inevitably arise between people, often through processes outside of our awareness and control. 


We help people see, understand, and explore the underlying relationship patterns that generate both progress and challenges in human relationship systems. The relationship theory we utilize helps people think about what they want to do, and can do, to create change. 

We believe people are capable of being observant and aware of what they do and how that fits in to the bigger picture they are a part of. Our passions lie, not only with  helping people gain that perspective, but also helping them create realistic strategies for growth based on their insights and knowledge. 


We challenge ourselves to continue growing, so that we can challenge our clients. 


Guillermo M. Cancio-Bello is the founder and director of The November Institute. Trained as a marriage and family therapist, Guillermo began applying Natural Family Systems Theory to organizations to better understand how those systems worked and how individuals could enhance their effectiveness within them.


Out of his investigations and studies emerged the Leadership Course, as well as a framework for consulting with individuals about their own functioning as leaders in their businesses and families. 

Guillermo is passionate about helping people grow their perspective and gain access to their own talent and vision to become exceptional leaders that draw out the best in their teams and the people around them.

As part of his effort to continue learning, Guillermo serves on the board of the Florida Family Research Network that works to advance the science of human behavior based on the natural systems theory of the family, as developed by Murray Bowen. 

Along with helping leaders grow, Guillermo enjoys painting and diving in to literature that explores the fullness of the human experience. He lives in Miami with his wife and two dogs.  


We have had great success working with Mr. Cancio-Bello, he is patient with our professionals, takes great care of learning our company’s needs, and has implemented methods that have given us great results.

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That which is created in relationship can be fixed in relationship.

Murray Bowen


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