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Expert Counseling, Coaching, and Leadership Consulting

Helping People Thrive 
in their Families, Businesses, and Relationships

Gain insight and a deeper knowledge of yourself and others through counseling, coaching, or consulting with our expertly-trained team of licensed professionals. It is our mission to help people thrive in their families, businesses, and relationships. We deliver high-quality services to individuals who are motivated to do the work required to grow. 


Leadership Consulting
Team Consulting
Training Program



Addressing what operates beneath the surface…the emotional reactivity rooted in how people think and function which impacts their capacity to communicate, connect, perform, make decisions, find solutions, manage their immaturity, face challenges, and move toward goals.


Moving people into and through the discomfort necessary for change. Helping them observe and take responsibility for their part in immature patterns that interrupt their functioning. Inviting an attitude of accountability for self in all contexts in order to focus on growth and progress.


I have had the pleasure to work with Guillermo; presenting cutting edge ideas on leadership and collaborative practice within organizations. I liken him to a star athlete who is able to see the entire field and keep in mind the position of all players and the part they play in the betterment of the whole team. Any organization that wants to enhance the functioning of the group will be enriched, excited and perform at higher levels. You will have the privilege of working with someone who is part of the next generation of systems thinkers, who has expertise with human interactions, both in clinical and organizational settings.

James Rudes, PhD

Associate Professor, Barry University

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