The November Institute works with business and family leaders to help them adapt and evolve their abilities to overcome relationship challenges and transform the teams and systems to which they belong.


People exist in relationship to one another. Transformational leadership is about leaders working on their maturity, emotional intelligence, self-awareness, and emotional management in relationship to those around them. In advancing their capacity to adapt to any challenge by managing themselves, leaders can transform the groups they're a part of. 

We offer courses and one-on-one coaching to help people expand their self-awareness, get to know their emotional immaturity and increase their capacity to manage it, and learn to see, interrupt, and change those behaviors that get in the way of achieving their goals. 

To learn more, please reach out to us to begin a conversation. 

Guillermo M. Cancio-bello

Guillermo works with business and family leaders to help them develop the tools they need to overcome the relationship challenges that are part of all life, and to achieve the goals they have set for themselves, and those of the groups they lead. 

​Guillermo received a Master's in Counseling from Barry University, and is a PhD candidate. He has studied Bowen Theory intensively for over four years, focusing on leadership, and is currently on the board of The Florida Family Research Network whose mission is  to advance the science of human behavior based on the natural systems theory of the family, developed by the late Murray Bowen, M.D. 

In his work, Guillermo incorporates personal reflections with educational anecdotes that get people to think differently about their own experience through insight, challenge, and humor.


Guillermo is happily married, and enjoys going on long adventurous walks with his two dogs.