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About dedicated to helping people thrive in their families, businesses, and relationships.

We present a different way to think about human behavior and interpersonal interactions. We help people see, understand, and explore the underlying relationship patterns, rooted in a deep emotional processes, that generate both progress and challenges in the human systems that make up people's lives.


We utilize Bowen Theory as a framework to help individuals think about what they do, what they want to do, and what they can do to create change that will be useful to both themselves and everyone around them.

The November Institute...

What is
Bowen Theory?

Murray Bowen, M.D. developed a new theory of the human family based on his clinical research and observation of families as well as observing and working in his own multigenerational family system.

Drawing from knowledge of natural systems and evolutionary theory, he set out a model of human behavior that views man as part of the natural world. He observed that the emotional process that operates in all living systems is present in human relationships.


Interdependence, symbiosis, and reciprocity characterize all living relationships.


Bowen theory emphasizes that much of our ‘thinking’ is influenced by emotion, more than we like to admit, and that we are often blind to our own reactivity. And, our reactivity is inevitably connected to the reactivity of those around us.


Since we cannot control others, the theory points us to manage ourselves, as nothing is more “proactive or constructive than changing ourselves in relationship to important others”

Counselor and Leadership Consultant



Phone: 786-417-5871

License: Marriage & Family Therapist

Trained as a marriage and family therapist, Guillermo began applying Natural Family Systems Theory, or Bowen Theory, to organizations, families, and human relationships to better understand how those systems worked and how individuals could enhance their effectiveness within them. Out of his research and studies emerged a framework for coaching individuals regarding their own functioning as leaders in their businesses, families, and relationships.

Guillermo is passionate about helping people grow their perspective and gain access to their own talent and vision to become exceptional leaders that draw out the best in their teams, families, and others.


As part of his effort to continue learning, Guillermo serves on the board of the Florida Family Research Network that works to advance the science of human behavior based on the natural systems theory of the family, as developed by Murray Bowen.

Along with helping leaders grow, Guillermo enjoys painting and diving in to literature that explores the fullness of the human experience.


Cristina Chi


Phone: 305-345-7315

License: Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern, IMH23131

Passionate about fostering holistic well-being, Cristina is a dedicated and committed to guiding individuals, families, and adolescents on transformative journeys toward mental health. With a holistic therapeutic approach, she blends empathy, expertise, and a client-centered philosophy to create a safe space for self-exploration.

Understanding the unique needs of individuals, the dynamics of families, and the challenges faced by adolescents, Cristina tailors her approach to suit diverse backgrounds. Her mission is to support each client in navigating their mental health journey, fostering resilience, and empowering them to lead a more fulfilling life.




Phone: 786-417-4046

License: UM Certified Coach

Bethany is a University of Miami certified coach. As a mother of three she is passionate about helping children and teens face the challenges and complexities of growing up in today's environment. She also works with women who are confronted with the challenges of motherhood, parenting, divorce, and defining their life professionally and personally. She focuses on helping people define their goals, find the right motivation within themselves to build momentum, and make an action plan that they can implement in manageable steps so that the aims are reached and met. 

Her coaching is centered on goal-setting, helping people understand and develop positive self-structures, working to assist others in finding their voice, how to face and overcome bullying, adversity, and other challenges. 

Bethany also holds a degree in Health Education and Exercise Physiology, along with being a certified personal fitness trainer and nutritionist. She has also been a teacher in primary and secondary schools. 

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