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Helping people address challenges by putting knowledge into a plan of action, with the benefit of expert support and a space for reflection


  • Clarify and define your goal/s

  • Identify obstacles to goal-directed movement

  • Understand what is working and what's not working

  • Get unstuck and move from point A to point B

  • Identify strengths and overcome weaknesses, and often turn weaknesses into strength

  • Increase motivation

  • Access all available resources for goal-accomplishment 

  • Make a solid plan for goal-directed activity

  • Reflect on the process of moving toward goals 

  • Explore set-backs and plan for continued progress

Coaching  Objectives

  • Learn to turn larger goals into smaller manageable goals which you can accomplish step-by-step

  • Step back and see the bigger picture of what is contributing to the situation and your current position, both the environment and your part 

  • Discover how to motivate self, and learn what gets in the way of that motivational process 

  • Gain an understanding of the larger processes that inhibit and support progress

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