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Leadership Consulting

Consulting Goals

  • Learn how “reactivity” influences much of what people do in relationship systems, allowing the emotional to impact the non-emotional.


  • Discover the role you play, and what you can do to influence everyone to function more effectively and create better outcomes.


  • Uncover how curiosity leads to better observation of interactions between you and others, and increases the ability to manage yourself in the environment you are in.


  • Learn to shift your thinking from problem-focused to a process of adaptation, progress, and growth.


  • Become an invested observer of yourself and others, so that you can work toward making better decisions, seeing the picture more clearly, and moving sure-footedly toward goals.


  • Learn to think “systems,” broadening and deepening your perspective on the current issue or situation.


  • Get “calm” about the reactivity of others, especially when directed at you.


  • Separate your emotions and reactions from those of others so that you can plan your next best step.


  • Become more observant of how you function, especially your automatic behaviors and reactions.


  • Learn what influences those automatic reactions, how those reactions are interfering with performance and goals, and how they contribute to the unhelpful and immature reactions of others.


  • Build a plan for managing yourself within your current situation.

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